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Yellow release paper
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Yellow release paper
The base material of this product is made of double glue, copper plate paper, grasin paper, wood pulp kraft paper, recycled kraft paper and other single or double-sided coated with silicon. The product is moisture-proof and oil-proof, and has the function of product isolation. It is generally used in the adhesive industry, printing industry, various back glue industry, electronic die-cutting industry, and has the auxiliary material of sticky products.
White, yellow, cowhide
Gram weight
60g-160g (can be customized according to customer requirements)
width of cloth
Stripping force
3g-100g (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Good stiffness, no burr in die cutting, good flatness, high cleanliness, stable parting force
Application industry
Self adhesive, printing, all kinds of back glue, adhesive industry
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