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  Dongxin composite materials Co., Ltd. is a general taxpayer enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and processing, marketing and sales of coated paper and release materials. The company has a complete range of products, including: ordinary kraft release paper, ordinary white double glue release paper, single copper release paper, wood pulp kraft release paper, overpressure plastic free high temperature release paper, solvent-free release paper, grasin release paper, embossed grid release paper; product colors are white, yellow, cow skin color, blue, release agent treatment process is divided into solvent and solvent-free silicone oil The silicone oil surface can be divided into single side and double side; the release force is super light, light, ordinary, heavy release 3g-100g; the weight of base material is from 35g to 180g; all the above products can be customized according to the customer's requirements; the release film is mainly based on pet, and the main types are: transparent high temperature resistant release film, blue release film, red release film, matte release film, fluoroplastic release film The thickness of the product is 1.2C thin-12.5c thick. The release force ranges from light (solvent-free 3g-5g) to phenanthrene silicon (200-500g).
  The company's products are mainly used in electronic die-cutting gasket, protective film lamination, 3M product lamination, medical paper, sanitary paper, leather manufacturing, adhesive industry accessories, PCB, FPCB circuit board industry lamination, advertising printing, heat transfer printing, bar code printing, hot melt adhesive packaging industry, and various products back glue industry of express delivery list. The company has complete and advanced technology and equipment. Now it has imported film coating, silicon coating machine (2700 mm width) and multi-functional automatic rewinder. The residual adhesion of release film produced by the company reaches more than 95%. The narrowest slitting machine can be divided into more than 10 mm sets. The company also has a number of high-quality processing and sales teams and perfect management system. Our products are complete The Department has passed the SGS international testing certification, and the SGS report and product test report can be provided for customers' reference.
  Dongxin composite materials Co., Ltd. is located in the first industrial zone of Liuwu, Shijie, Dongguan, which is located at the junction of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Huizhou. The convenient geographical location provides favorable conditions for customers to visit and transport goods. The company is sincere, professional, efficient, innovative and win-win situation, and is willing to work together with new and old customers for common development.
  Welcome new and old customers to inquire and discuss, the company provides free samples for customers.

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