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R&D, production and sales of release materials
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Dongxin is more professional
Focus on product quality•Provide cost-effective products
Autonomy is strong

Autonomy is strong

According to individual be fond of and use free custom habits, use more convenient, more reasonable design.


Professional craft standard

The product has strict technical standards, perfect production process, safe and reliable quality, precision manufacturing. Products
Quality assurance

Excellent selection of materials

Strictly control the quality of raw materials, the selected materials are safe, environmentally friendly. Products
More selective
Make every release material for you
Good quality creates good reputation, no one can replace it
development production
Independent research and development production
Customized on demandDrawings and samples
Strict quality control
Strict quality controlQuality cengcengbaguan
Product model is complete
Product model is completeChoose any
Dongxin composite materials help you create better benefits

For youProfessional release paper, release film, coated paper and perfect after-sales service

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More than good products, more comprehensive solutions to create high value for you
Four advantages of choosing Dongxin composite materials
Provide you with professional release materials and meticulous after-sales service. Satisfying customers and becoming a customer supplier and permanent partner is our goal.
Power advantage
Advantage 1
Product advantage
Advantage 2
Wide range of application
Advantage 3
After-sales service
Advantage 4
Factory direct sales, first-hand supply
Factory direct sales, first-hand supply
10 years of experience in production
Focus on the production of release paper, release film and coated paper for 10 years.
A general taxpayer enterprise integrating R&D, production, processing, and marketing.
The actual specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Complete product range
Complete product range
A variety of materials for users to choose
From raw material supply to factory inspection are strictly controlled.
Skilled technical workers ensure stable product quality and reduce product repair costs!
Experienced technicians ensure that the product is used at ease.
The company will develop on the principles of professional technology, professional products, sincere service, good treatment, professional management and corporate culture.
The choice of many customers
The choice of many customers
Wide range of product applications
After development and technology precipitation, our research and development capabilities and technical level have been continuously improved.
At present, the products have served a large number of industries such as electronic die-cut gaskets, protective film lamination, 3M product lamination, medical paper, sanitary paper, and leather manufacturing.
Professional product quality is well received by users.
Perfect service to solve your worries
Provide you with considerate service
Adhering to the work philosophy of quality first, we will provide you with professional release materials and meticulous after-sales service.
If the product has any quality problems, it will be returned and replaced unconditionally.
No matter what questions you have, contact us and someone will answer them carefully.
Customer consultation telephone: 13829108375/Mr. Wang
Standardized service·Fine to every link
Cooperation is only the beginning of us, and continuous win-win is our never-ending direction
  • Demand communication

    Understand the detailed requirements of customized products

  • Product Quotation

    Make a reasonable quotation based on the product

  • Set a strategy

    Determine product quantity, style and delivery time

  • Signing the contract

    Provide high efficiency and high quality service

  • Product

    Strict control and quality control

  • Delivery on time

    Deliver to customers on contract time

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10 years of hard work, we use the heart of craftsmen to create product benchmarks
Dongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

  Dongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a general taxpayer enterprise specializing in the integration of product development, production and processing, and marketing of coated paper and release materials. The company has a complete range of products. The main products are: ordinary kraft release paper, ordinary white double-adhesive release paper, single copper release paper, all-wood pulp kraft release paper, overpressure non-plastic high temperature resistant release paper, solvent-free release paper Type paper, glassine release paper, embossed grid release paper; product colors are white, yellow, cowhide, and blue. The release agent treatment process is divided into solvent and solvent-free silicone oil; product silicone oil surface has single-sided and Two-sided points; release force is ultra-light, light, ordinary, heavy release 3g-100g; base material weight between 35g-180g; the above products can be customized according to customer requirements for actual specifications; release The film is mainly based on PET substrate, and the main types are: transparent high temperature resistant release film, blue release film, red release film, matte release film, fluoroplastic release film, and release treatment surface. There are two types of……

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    Release material experience

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    Factory covers an area of a company

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    Type of release material, free to choose

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    Customer's common choice and recognition

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