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Product classification and application of release paper manufacturers

  There are many kinds of release paper, which can be divided into two categories according to the processing technology: plastic release paper and non plastic release paper. Plastic release paper is divided into: double plastic release paper, double plastic single silicon release paper, double plastic double silicon release paper, single plastic single silicon release paper; non plastic release paper is divided into: grasin release paper, grasin single silicon release paper, grasin double silicon release paper. Release paper, coated paper and other products, our products of high quality, complete range.
  1. Double silicon moisture-proof release die-cutting backing paper (i.e. double-sided release paper): it is generally used for double-sided adhesive and viscose products, and its release force will be different. It can play a good moisture-proof, oil-proof and product isolation effect.
  2. Double silicon moisture-proof release die-cutting backing paper: common users are all over adhesive tape manufacturing, self-adhesive production, electronic die-cutting industry and printing industry.
  3. Single plastic single silicon release paper (i.e. single-sided release paper): refers to one side of film, one side of silicone oil, its cleanliness will also be improved, generally used in the die-cutting industry, protective film lamination, its use range is generally and sticky together, general sticky products will use release paper.
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