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High temperature release paper, moisture-proof release paper structure

  The structure of high temperature release paper and moisture-proof release paper: the release paper has three layers, the first is the base paper, the second layer is the film, and the third layer is silicone oil. Moisture proof release paper is also known as silicon release paper. Double silicon release paper is produced by coating release agent on base paper after overpressure. The gram is about 60g to 200g. It is a common industrial paper. It has the effect of anti sticking and prevents articles from sticking together, so it is also called automobile foam release paper.
  High temperature release paper it can be useful to play a barrier effect of goods. In addition to the flat plate, there are drum type, are a common paper packaging profession. Its characteristics are: waterproof, oil proof, often suitable for Occupation: chemical, electronic, car foam, printing, etc. Release paper, coated paper and silicone oil paper with printing must be printed before the next process: coating and coating.
  High temperature release paper is actually what we call release paper. It is produced by coating release agent on base paper after overpressure. The gram of release paper is about 60g to 200g. The barrier paper produced by Kaicheng Paper Co., Ltd. can be customized according to customers' needs. We sincerely look forward to the new and old customers to purchase.
  Our company supplies anti-counterfeiting label, heat transfer printing, membrane switch, etc. for a long time, and various special release paper. Grasin paper has excellent quality, high temperature resistance, uniform coating of silicon, good smoothness, no scratch, and reasonable price. Welcome to your purchase.
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