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  High temperature release film is mainly used for FPC flexible circuit board. The high temperature release film has good temperature resistance, filling and separation, which effectively improves the qualification rate of FPC flexible circuit board. What are the characteristics of high temperature release membrane?
  1. Prevent mutual transfer between FPC products;
  2. Reduce operating procedures and improve work efficiency;
  3. Control solder pad and gold finger glue overflow; (can be controlled below 2mil)
  4. The product is free of silicone oil and plasticizer to prevent the secondary pollution of FPC;
  5. High temperature resistance, melting point above 235 ℃;
  6. Prevent static electricity and improve product performance;
  7. Halogen free, meet the requirements of environmental protection;
  8. Chemical resistance, low water absorption;
  9. Prevent the high precision FPC from not pressing tightly and control the foaming;
  10. Compared with single multilayer film, it can prevent misoperation.
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