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What is coated release paper?

  What is coated release paper? The release paper is produced by coating release agent on the coating surface of base paper after coating. Because there are paper wool and fiber on the paper surface, the film must be coated to a certain amount to ensure that there is no penetration point, to ensure that silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, to ensure that there will be no peeling. Generally, the amount of film coated paper is 16 grams per square meter, which is said to have reached 11-13 grams per square meter in Wenzhou area, which is quite close to the data of foreign advanced equipment. In theory, as long as the adhesive tape can be peeled off the release paper, the lower the amount of film is allowed.
  Film release paper can be divided into single and double. In general, single-sided release paper is single drenching, of course, there are double shower single-sided release paper, because the film on the release surface is thicker, generally 20 grams, and the non-release surface is generally 15 grams, so the release paper is relatively flat.
  If the amount of double-sided coated paper is 22 grams, it is more suitable for making double-sided release paper. Coated release paper is generally made of wood pulp paper, especially in electronic industry. If you choose straw pulp paper, there will be a lot of paper scraps and easy to break edge when die cutting.
  All wood pulp paper is generally known as kraft paper, such as natural color kraft paper (commonly known as: Ben NIU), white kraft paper (commonly known as: white cattle), yellow kraft paper (commonly known as: Japanese yellow cattle) and blue kraft paper (commonly known as Indonesia blue color cattle). Of course, we can also use all wood pulp double glue paper for base paper, photographic paper for base paper, and coated paper, white board paper, cow card, milk card and so on. As long as the film can be evenly coated, as long as the film can be even.
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