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What are the main characteristics of release paper?

  Release paper is also known as silicone oil paper and anti sticking paper. General manufacturers make release paper by coating a layer of release agent on coated paper. It is more suitable for advertising materials and double-sided tape. In our daily life, we often use it to block viscous objects. What are the main characteristics of release paper? Let's take a look at:
  1. Moisture proof and temperature resistant.
  Release paper contains silicone oil, and silicone oil has a certain degree of temperature resistance, but this mainly depends on the use of commodities, as well as domestic and imported silicone oil selection. Generally, the temperature of silicone oil can reach about 150 ℃.
  2. Peeling force.
  Peel strength refers to whether the goods can be easily torn off, of course, there are strict test procedures. The unit of peeling force is g. According to the test results, it is usually divided into three procedures: light release type, medium release type and heavy release type. Light release type refers to that when the release paper and the adhesive tape cover are bonded together, the light release type can easily peel off, while the medium release type is not easy to peel off, while the heavy release type is difficult to peel off.
  3. Cleanliness.
  Originally refers to the appearance of the cleaning and cleaning degree. Due to the different working environment of release paper manufacturers, it is almost rare to work in a dust-free workshop. Generally speaking, a better workshop will have great advantages in environmental protection and environment, because these will have an impact on the degree of cleaning. Many release paper cleaning degrees are not polluted in the production process. To a large extent, it is due to the fact that during the slitting, due to the manufacturer's Cleaning degree is not high, resulting in electrostatic adsorption before dust.
  4. Stable state
  Even when the temperature and humidity of the environment changes, the length and width of the release paper can be maintained unchanged, and then prevent the prepreg from wrinkling.
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