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What is waterproof roll release paper?

  Waterproof roll release paper is coated with a special layer of clay and then coated with release agent. Because of its smooth appearance and good toughness, it is widely used in the label profession. It has excellent waterproof and anti sticking effect, can stick to prepreg, but easy to separate the two. It is mainly used to block viscous objects. It is a kind of common packing paper. The elongation of the barrier paper after traction should be consistent with that of the fiber, so it has satisfactory fineness and can prevent moisture from entering the prepreg through it.
  Like many general advertising, food packaging profession, paper cup manufacturing profession, paper bag production profession and so on, all kinds of professions often use release paper as auxiliary commodity. Is a common paper. In fact, that is what we call release paper, is from the base paper after overpressure coating release agent, production of release paper, G serious about 60g-200. Barrier paper is different, gram weight can be customized according to customer needs. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come and buy.
  Relying on the perfect market, convenient transportation and developed information network, we are determined to forge ahead and have the courage to open up. Now we have become a rookie in the adhesive products profession, and produce excellent products at low cost. It is our principle and permanent pursuit to keep in mind that we should keep in mind the principle of time and pursue forever; our operation philosophy is to settle down customers and develop together. Professional operation of release paper, release film series. All kinds of release paper are available, and the base weight is 40-300g / m2. Our company makes inspection for customers free of charge and supplies samples free of charge. We now produce release paper, can achieve ultra light release force of 1 ~ 3G, and the residual rate of solvent-based can reach 85%, solvent-free can reach 95%, can be customized according to the different professional needs of customers.
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