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What is the difference between release paper and coated paper?

  What is the difference between release paper and coated paper? Release paper is a kind of anti sticking paper which can prevent prepreg adhesion and protect prepreg from contamination. Release paper is made of paper coated with anti sticking material. Its model should be distinguished according to the difference of material, thickness, elongation and single and double sides.
  Coated paper is a kind of composite material coated with plastic particles on the surface of paper by tape casting machine. The main feature of coated paper is that the composite material can be oil proof (relative), waterproof (relative), and heat sealing. Different uses take its different characteristics: when used to pack hamburger, take its oil proof characteristics. McDonald's is 80 degrees of edible vegetable oil, 10 minutes no oil leakage. When used in coated paper packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used in automatic packaging machine packaging, take its heat sealing characteristics.
  1. Cleanliness refers to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the surface. Because the production environment of release paper manufacturers is not the same, most of them are not dust-free workshops. Due to the cost problem, it is impossible to adopt dust-free workshops. Generally speaking, they are ordinary workshops. Better ones will have a lot of improvement in environmental protection and environment, which will have an impact on the cleanliness.
  2. The release degree refers to the release degree of release paper. There is no absolute value at this point. It depends on the formula of each manufacturer.
  3. Peel force, peel force refers to whether the product is easy to tear off. Of course, there are strict test standards.
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